San Gabriel Mountains

Dawson Peak

Dawson Peak

Dawson Peak (Elevation 9,575')

Returning to Mt Baldy's North Backbone Trail, Dawson Peak is sandwiched between Baldy and Pine Mountain. At 9,575' in elevation, Dawson Peak is not as tall as either Mt Baldy or Pine Mountain, however if you are hiking up its south slope (from the Baldy side) you will definitely burn a few calories. After you near the summit, the North Backbone Trail continues down Dawson Peak's north spine on a gradual descent toward the saddle next to Pine Mountain. Dawson Peak is more remote than most mountains because of its location however, it does have its own hiking trial, which slowly traverses its south-west slope down into the Fish Fork of the San Gabriel River. This trail is very poorly maintained and very painful to travel if you are not wearing long pants, as the bushes on the trail are heavily overgrown in most areas, making large portions of the trail difficult to travel. If you are looking for awesome views of the north faces of Mt Baldy and Iron Mountain, this might be the trail for you. Be sure you bring plenty of water and food as Dawson Peak does not offer much after the snow has melted off in the later months of Summer.

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